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Disney Believers

Do you believe?

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There are a lot of communities and 'fan clubs' on LJ, but none of them that I've found are about believing. When you were little, did you believe that you would turn into a mermaid on your 16th birthday, because you wanted to be like Ariel? Or did you fantasize about your very first ball where you would meet Prince Charming and become a princess? That's what this community is all about.

You can post icons, banners, updates, anything related to Disney. Because we all know that Disney rocks!

::Please, when you join fill out a short survey::

State: (optional)
Three Favorite Disney Movies:
Three Favorite Characters (does not have to be the same as above):
Favorite Disney Songs:
Least Favorite Disney Movie:
Least Favorite Songs:
Which character do you look most like?:
Which character do you act most like?:
Random Thoughts:

1. Please, no cussing. I dont mind a few words, but dont go all 'drunk sailor' on me. This IS a DISNEY community! =D
2. pLz dOnT tYpE lIkE dIs. I nO yOu HeAr DiS aLoT, bUt It DoEs GiT aNnoYiNg WhEn YoU'rE tRyInG tO rEaD tHiNgS. tHx.
3. No bashing posts. If you dont like Disney, then dont join the community. I dont need this page filled with "Disney is for babies" and "You suck because you like Peter Pan".
4. If icons or banners are made, you MUST MUST MUST give credit to the creator. It's rude if you dont. Thanks
5. Dont start fights between other members.
6. You may only promote communities if they are related to Disney and if you've been a member for one week. But dont make EVERY one of your posts an advertisement.
7. I WILL be changing icons from time to time, so if you want to make icons for the community, post them, and I'll see! =D

Thanks to Simply Stated and Piratebookie for the icons!